Update: More Live Streams, FAQs, and Kickstarter Progress

Kickstarter Update

Our project is 94% funded on Kickstarter with 8 days left in our campaign! Now more than ever we need your support to reach our goal. The $100K we seek to raise through this campaign will go towards mass manufacturing SproutsIO smart microgardens.

Be one of the first to experience the SproutsIO lifestyle, growing fruits and vegetables to your taste with our intelligent indoor gardening system. Back our Kickstarter today!

Do you have any questions about SproutsIO? We are continuously updating the FAQ section of our Kickstarter page to address common questions such as:

  • Is SproutsIO dishwasher safe?
  • How long will the light source last?
  • What is the maximum plant height that you can grow in SproutsIO?
  • Does SproutsIO use Fogponics? Hydroponics? Aeroponics?
  • How much human participation does the system require?
  • How are the plants pollinated?
  • Do differences in indoor temperature affect the plants?
  • Can you grow more than one type of plant in the device at a time?

Don’t see your question answered in our FAQ section? Send us a private message via Kickstarter, and we’ll answer your question directly.

New Live Streams

After the success of our first two Kickstarter live streams from our from our Boston launch party and the Smart Kitchen Summit, we decided to host two more streams this week!

WEDNESDAY 10/12 @ 1:30 PM EST
Tune in to a conversation between the MIT Media Lab’s Ethan Zuckerman and our CEO Jennifer Farah. Together they will discuss SproutsIO’s origins at the MIT Media Lab and the future of urban agriculture.

THURSDAY 10/13 @ 7:30 PM EST
We are hosting an event with Cool Hunting at their headquarters in NYC. Tune in to a conversation with Evan Orensten and Josh Rubin, Co-Founders of Cool Hunting, with Jennifer Farah and Kamal Farah, Co-Founders of SproutsIO. They will discuss the design, experience and magic of SproutsIO. Join the party via live stream, post selfies, ask questions, and participate in the conversation!

You can submit questions in advance, sign up for live stream updates, and tune in on our Kickstarter Live page.

SproutsIO in the News

Media outlets from around the world are covering SproutsIO. Below are some choice quotes from some of our favorite publications’ stories about our Kickstarter campaign.

“There's a certain sense of pride that comes with growing your own fruits and vegetables… With SproutsIO, you can get this feeling all year long.” - Connectedly

“Home grown veggies without all the dirt.” - IEN

“It offers laser-precise control over the way any given sprout grows…” - Design Indaba

“It is now possible to garden in your tiny apartment!” - New York Post

“Units will automatically download up-to-date profiles about each plant, in theory creating a kind of neural network for gardening tips.” - Crain’s Boston

“SproutsIO, an all-in-one indoor gardening system, streamlines the process of growing indoor microgardens through the intuition of modern technology.” - psfk

“Produce so locally grown, it’s harvested from your own kitchen.” - The Improper Bostonian

“This is going to change how you eat. For the better.” - InsideHook

“SproutsIO is elegant and thoughtfully designed.” - designboom

“SproutsIO... is here to disrupt what you thought you knew about growing food.” - The Boston Globe

“With SproutsIO… a self-moderating hybrid hydroculture technology now helps you grow food on your kitchen counter.” - Cool Hunting

“No green thumb needed.” - Elle Decor

“...The most exciting thing to me, as a great lover of plants, a cook, and a gardener, is this: the control you get over the plants themselves.” - Food52

“The SproutsIO smart microgarden nurtures your inner botanist.” - Engadget

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we approach the end of our Kickstarter campaign. With your support we can make #PersonalProduce a reality.

- Team SproutsIO