Update: Let's Grow!

Kickstarter Update

We are making fantastic progress with our Kickstarter project! Thanks to our backers so far, we have raised over 85% of our funding goal. Meeting our funding goal will allow us to mass manufacture SproutsIO and bring #PersonalProduce to the SproutsIO community. With only two weeks left in our campaign, we need your support to reach this goal. Let’s grow together!

Technology is at the heart of SproutsIO. Everything from the growing device to the sIO seed refills to the SproutsIOGrow app has been carefully calibrated to grow you delicious produce quickly and easily.

That same meticulous design also means that SproutsIO is extraordinarily efficient, both in terms of energy use and cost savings compared to store bought produce. Here are a few examples of the types of produce you can grow and your savings over time.

  • Lettuce - Grow up to 6 heads of lettuce every 20 days. That is 55 lbs of lettuce every year! The best part is that it costs 2.5X less than organic store purchased lettuce (by weight). 
  • Tomatoes - Grow up to 12 pints of tomatoes every 8 weeks. That is 80 lbs of tomatoes every year! What could be better than fresh tomatoes year round? Growing tomatoes in SproutsIO cost 2.5X less than organic store purchased tomatoes (by weight). 
  • Wheatgrass - Grow up to 6 1 oz shots each week or 31 lbs. of wheatgrass throughout the year. That’s perfect for daily juicing, and it costs half of what you would pay at the juice bar. 

Interested in learning more about the technology, efficiency, and magic of the SproutsIO system? Head over to our Kickstarter!

What We're Up To

This week we are enthusiastic to participate in the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle. SproutsIO was selected as a finalist in their Startup Showcase, an event highlighting innovators in the food technology space. Keep an eye on our social media channels and Kickstarter Live on our campaign page for live updates from the conference.

Did you tune in to our latest live stream? We broadcasted from our launch party alongside chef Barbara Lynch, discussing our partnership with chef Barbara’s acclaimed restaurant, Menton. You can rewatch the stream here.

Our CEO Jennifer Farah recently returned from the 2016 INKtalks event in Goa, India where she was invited to speak as an INK Fellow. She discusses the importance of participating in the process of growing your own produce with SproutsIO, and the impact this can have on the world. You can watch her talk below.

Don’t miss out on the action! Watch our Kickstarter campaign page where we will be featuring new content and live streaming throughout the course of the campaign. Check out our “Weekly Featured Content” section for more details.

SproutsIO in the News

Since our Kickstarter launched, the press have had wonderful things to say about SproutsIO. Read some of our favorite quotes below.

“SproutsIO, an all-in-one indoor gardening system, streamlines the process of growing indoor microgardens through the intuition of modern technology.” - psfk

“Produce so locally grown, it’s harvested from your own kitchen.” - The Improper Bostonian

“Units will automatically download up-to-date profiles about each plant, in theory creating a kind of neural network for gardening tips." - Crain’s

“This is going to change how you eat. For the better.” - InsideHook

“SproutsIO is elegant and thoughtfully designed.” - designboom

“SproutsIO... is here to disrupt what you thought you knew about growing food.” - The Boston Globe

“With SproutsIO… a self-moderating hybrid hydroculture technology now helps you grow food on your kitchen counter.” - Cool Hunting

“No green thumb needed.” - Elle Decor

“...The most exciting thing to me, as a great lover of plants, a cook, and a gardener, is this: the control you get over the plants themselves.” - Food52

“The SproutsIO smart microgarden nurtures your inner botanist.” - Engadget

“In a tiny soil-free pod on your kitchen counter, you could be growing spinach, tomatoes, or whatever fruit or veggie your heart desires.” - Boston Magazine

Thanks to all of our backers and supporters! We have lots more news to share. Stay tuned.

- Team SproutsIO