What will you grow with SproutsIO?

Today we are kicking off #SproutsVote , a fresh campaign that gives you a voice in which plants are offered when SproutsIO launches.

Vote for your favorite Personal Produce from a shortlist of potential offerings such as:

  • Mini Eggplant: small, delicate, and beautiful, these eggplants are sweeter, and a contender for quite possibly the cutest vegetable on the planet.

  • Pak Choi: a variety of cabbage with a subtle mustard flavor, pak choi is perfect for stir-fries, soups, and salads.

  • Hyssop: not only do they look and smell wonderful, hyssop flowers are also delicious, with a mild anise-like flavor that makes them ideal for fresh herbal tea.

Your participation is essential to SproutsIO. Personal Produce means control over what we grow and how we grow it. Expect to see fairy tale eggplant, mizuna, and nasturtium as some of the many plants available to grow when we launch SproutsIO this year.

The #SproutsVote results will be announced on Twitter. Make sure to follow us to see what happens!

Voting closes Wednesday, April 20. Click the button below to let us know what you want to grow.