Results are in!

Thank you for your input.

We are excited to announce the results of our first #SproutsVote, a campaign to select initial plant offerings with the launch of SproutsIO. After one week of voting on choices ranging from amaranth to violas, here are your top picks for Personal Produce:

1st Place: Arugula - pungent and peppery, this leafy green originates from the Mediterranean and was considered an aphrodisiac in Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages.

2nd Place: Chili Peppers - these spicy fruits were domesticated in Mexico, spreading to Europe via explorers like Christopher Columbus who called them “peppers” because of their ability to substitute for peppercorns.

3rd Place: Carrots - originally cultivated in a variety of colors, the common orange carrot was domesticated by the Dutch in the 17th century to match their flag.

It was a close race, and the team here at SproutsIO eagerly watched the progress as the votes came in. The results represent a diverse range of preferences from garden classics to a growing appetite for lesser known varietals such as hyssop - an office favorite!

What is next? 

We have already begun growing these plants in our laboratory, developing best practices for how to cultivate them for the best taste, texture, and color. This initial data forms the basis of each individual plant’s Growing Profile, the recommended growing conditions built into our software. From there, each SproutsIO learns from the preferences you select as you grow. This is where Personal Produce begins.

Your input is essential to our output. From our seed offerings to our software, we strive to give you control over what you grow and how you grow it. This #SproutsVote is the first of many initiatives to incorporate your feedback into our system.

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