Back SproutsIO on Kickstarter!

Our Kickstarter is live! You can now reserve your SproutsIO smart microgarden by backing our project.

There is something for everyone interested in supporting our Kickstarter. Our backer rewards include:

  • SproutsIO smart microgarden bundles complete with sIO subscriptions
  • Exclusive tote bag designed in collaboration with FEED which provides meals to hungry children for each product they make
  • Premium bundle which includes a SproutsIO microgarden as well as a private cooking class and dinner for six at the acclaimed Stir with our friends from Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Don’t miss out, our early bird rewards will fill up quickly. Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more about the SproutsIO system and the different ways you can participate in our Kickstarter.

Thank you for your support. Let’s get growing!