Personal Produce

Designed for everyone, personalized by you!

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The Future is Growing

We have been out of touch with what we eat-it is time for that to change. 


Grow fresh fruits and vegetables indoors, year-round with SproutsIO, the app controlled system that learns from you!

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High Performance Gardening

Thoughtful, so you can enjoy the best parts of growing.

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SproutsIO is powered by half the energy of a typical laptop and consumes only 2% of the water and 40% of the nutrients required by conventional soil-based farming.

The system performance even improves over time, learning from what you grow and how you grow it.

Soil-Free System

The proprietary hybrid hydroculture system grows fresh produce two to three times faster when compared to conventional soil based methods.

Together with integrated seed renewables, SproutsIO delivers precision soil-free cultivation, providing transparent and reliable control for consistent growing. 

Intelligent Growing

Cultivar specific growing profiles activate environmental sensor monitoring and system automation to provide optimal watering, lighting, and nutrient delivery.

Activity trackers, meal management applications, and calendars can be connected to real time growth and harvesting data.   

Connected Food

Enjoy Personal Produce wherever you live, work, and play.

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Plan and prepare meals, harvest together, and create shared experiences.

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Taste, quality, and performance, for the front of house and back.

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On-the-go access, dishwasher safe care, and plug-and-play convenience.

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You can’t really get more local than your own kitchen.
— Fast Company
The SproutsIO is fully automated, but an app means you can also tweak your chilli’s schedule from the beach.
— Wired
“Who needs a green thumb when you have the help of technology?”
— Marie Claire