SproutsIO: Smart Microgarden

Meet SproutsIO, the high performance system that makes growing Personal Produce™ a pleasure. Grow indoors, year-round, soil-free. Interested in learning more? Please join our mailing list.

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Personal Produce

SproutsIO enables you to grow produce based on your personal preferences. Personal Produce™ is grown in system according to settings you customize. Regional, seasonal, and heirloom varietals are now possible any time, any place – from home living spaces to high-rise offices and professional kitchens.

A variety of produce can be grown in SproutsIO, from fruiting plants to leafy greens and herbs to root vegetables. We source all of our seeds responsibly through partner seed banks, offering access to produce of the the highest quality and diversity. Our expected launch plants are illustrated below.

Growing With SproutsIO

SproutsIO is simple to set up and easy to use, providing a thoughtfully designed end-to-end experience with the seamlessly integrated microgarden device, sIO seed refills, and software services.

SproutsIO setup is easy. Get growing in minutes!

SproutsIO specifications & features

Tastemaker Program

The SproutsIO Tastemaker Program partners world class chefs with our category defining food technology to cultivate extraordinary produce, advance gastronomic development, and explore new formats for hospitality. From kitchen to table, SproutsIO creates a memorable experience for both growers and guests.

SproutsIO's inaugural Tastemaker was James Beard Award-Winning chef Barbara Lynch. Our system was piloted for two months in two of Chef Barbara's Boston restaurants: Menton (a Relais & Châteaux restaurant) and No. 9 Park. Together, the menu planning requirements of each restaurant were analyzed and a tailored growing program was developed for each.

Acclaimed Chef Barbara Lynch explains the limitless culinary possibilities that SproutsIO creates through Personal Produce™.

Menton's Head Porter & Saucier Brian Krieger demonstrates the benefits of having SproutsIO in a restaurant kitchen while preparing "Tortellini en Brodo".


For a family of four, it's possible to grow all of the monthly USDA recommended intake of leafy greens, such as kale, spinach or arugula, in two SproutsIO devices with two sIO refills. That can be compared to 30 clamshell packs (5 ounces) of leafy greens. Within seven months of growing, SproutsIO pays for itself in the savings from the produce grown rather than purchased.

SproutsIO’s highly efficient, hybrid hydroculture system also simplifies the growth process, allowing anyone to grow their own produce anywhere, anytime, and with a fraction of the resources used by standard practices. SproutsIO provides source transparency and conserves resources in food cultivation, using only 2% of the water and 40% of the nutrients compared to traditional soil methods. With greater growth density by area and in half the growth time, refrigeration is no longer necessary as SproutsIO provides fresh produce at peak ripeness.