IO Chats: Kim Yorio

Our latest episode of IO Chats features special guest Kim Yorio, founder and president of YC Media. Kim is an esteemed food publicist with 25 years of experience helping the biggest names in the culinary world tell their stories. Visit our blog to watch this episode of IO Chats and learn Kim's signature salad recipe.

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The SproutsIO smart microgarden is a high performance growing system that revolutionizes the concept of local produce and places you at the center of your food cycle.

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SproutsIO is simple to set up and easy to use, providing a thoughtfully designed end-to-end experience with the seamlessly integrated microgarden device, sIO seed refills, and software services. Learn more about the SproutsIO system.

SproutsIO also enables you to grow Personal Produce™, fruits and vegetables grown to your personal preferences based on settings that you customize. Learn more about the Personal Produce™ lifestyle.