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SproutsIO enables you to grow produce based on your personal preferences. Personal Produce™ is grown in system according to settings you customize.

This combines the satisfaction of participating in the process with the comfort of knowing how your food is grown from seed to harvest for results you can taste.

Regional, seasonal, and heirloom varietals are now available at any time, any place – from home living spaces to high-rise offices and professional kitchens.

Early Offerings

A variety of produce can be grown in SproutsIO from fruiting plants to leafy greens and herbs to root vegetables.

In three short weeks you can grow up to 18 servings of leafy greens such as arugula or lacinato kale.

We source all of our seeds responsibly through partner seed banks, offering access to produce of the the highest quality and diversity. 

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Tasteful Technology

SproutsIO makes it possible for you to personalize produce by using growing profiles that alter the growing conditions of your produce. The same seed and plant, harvested at the same age can have entirely different flavors, colors, and textures, simply because of how they are grown. This variation is caused by the growing conditions which are determined by factors such as light and irrigation.

Here is an example of a mizuna leaf, harvested on the same date, grown from the same seed, but with different growing conditions - lighting, nutrients and watering were varied. The mizuna on the left was stronger tasting and more fibrous. The mizuna on the right was more delicate in texture and milder in flavor.

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