SproutsIO Device

The SproutsIO device is the home of your microgarden, designed to monitor and nurture your produce. The device is equipped with WiFi connectivity, environmental sensors for monitoring both plant and ambient conditions, camera, high efficiency LED lighting, and an electronic mister. The thoughtful design allows for ease of use and maintenance wherever you live, work, and play.

sIO Refill

Our sIO seed refills include everything you you need to grow produce: seeds, nutrients, and growing media. These fully integrated refills are delivered to you via our subscription service. Grow plants from seed to harvest without damaging transplanting. Our sIO seed refills include responsibly sourced seeds and nutrients for maximum transparency. The sIO is designed to be compostable and is derived from environmentally-friendly plant-based materials.


SproutsIOGrow is a mobile app that helps you monitor and tend to your produce with SproutsIO. The app provides access to a comprehensive software services platform that optimizes how your produce grows. This is based on your preferences and SproutsIO best practices to deliver the Personal Produce™ experience. SproutsIOGrow reports real-time plant growth data and predictive growth cycle and harvest scheduling that can connect to personal activity trackers, meal planners and calendars so your produce harvest will integrate seamlessly into your daily activities.