SproutsIO to table

It is easy to grow with SproutsIO. Simply add the seed cartridge, water, and SproutsIO automatically sets growing cycles and harvest schedules.

Strawberries year round? Yes!


Plant profiles can also be customized for additional control, and since it is connected, SproutsIO learns from other growers too.

 9 types of heirloom tomatoes? Yes!

Broutin Farah envisions SproutsIO, which gives each plant its own pod to grow in and allows users to track growth with sensors, will become a companion to the refrigerator and decrease the amount of wilted, rotting fruits and veggies that end up in the crisper.
— Fast Company, Who's Next
We want to make it really easy for people at home to grow food on a substantial scale for their families,”...“I see this becoming as ubiquitous as dishwashers in people’s homes
— Financial Times
With the SproutsIO Microfarm there’s not even a need for messy old soil - plants grow in a nutrient mist that wafts over them.
— BBC Focus